The Marrs Bar clinic

DJ Ed Steelefox based in Worcester came to see us at the Marrs Bar and we enjoyed a great bit of social network interaction (and loving the conclusion of course):


Not quite feeling your top self? Somewhat ill at ease with modern living? Bet you haven’t tried mind-meltingly heavy improvised jazz yet huh? I’m willing to be the guinea pig for you to see if The Plague Doctors Cure All.Tonight, before Tool tribute, Tool Shed at The Marrs Bar.

Shall report back if successful.

Plague Doctors Cure All:

Consultations start at 8.45, waiting room opens at 8.00 #plaguedoctorscureall #plague #plaguedoctor


Treatment review;

Well, that certainly cleared my sonic sinuses like a golden shot of raw garlic, ginger, honey and lemon straight on the nose. With guttural basslines, skronking sax, freeform guitar riffs and tribal drums, improvised jazzmetal never sounded so dangerous, healthy, fresh and essential.

All good art just makes you want to create. And the textures and dynamics tonight remind me what grooves four musicians can mine from the ether with open minds and their hearts in their mouths, and that all musicians can and must do this. And no other configuration of players will sound the same. So it must be done.

Thank you The Plague Doctors Cure All, consider me healed. And converted.

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